August 10, 2013

Hawaiian Saimin Soup

Hawaiian Saimin Soup
Being back to work means I had a very crazy schedule this week, but that was partially my fault, I had to switch my schedule so I can go to Pittsburgh for the weekend. My father's 65th birthday is on Monday the 12th. We planned a special thing for him because he is also going to retire. Cleveland Clinic has purchasing power for computers and tablets, so I decided to use it and get him an iPad mini. He is very addicted to hand held games, the ones you can play solitaire on, yeah those handhelds.

When I was with them as I was recovering from the cast, I made my mind up then to get this for him. The tiny black and white screen, it time to try and bring him up into the 21st century, and show him the word of apps. He has a cell phone, he knows how to call on it but to text on it, no. In fact one time his phone was buzzing, he brings the phone into the living room to my one sister and says, "This thing is buzzing." She says to him, "Dad, you got a text message." So she shows him and was my other sister sending him a message like "Happy Labor Day." or something like that, his response, "that is stupid, why doesn't she just pick the phone up and just say that?"

He doesn't get or want to text, have to admit he does have a point about texting. They say many people actually do not have social skills like they once did, thanks to texting. One time he asked us what did LOL mean. We told him it Laugh out loud is what it means, and asked him why he wanted to know. He said at work one the college kids was talking and one said out loud LOL. He had no idea what the kid meant. So when we told him, his response was, "well why didn't he just laugh?" Know maybe they are right, maybe we have lost what it is like to have basic social skills, like just laughing, instead saying LOL in a face to face conversation.

So maybe going back to basics is a good thing. Some the most basic of soups is a broth soup. And one the best soups sometimes is the soup that is made from basically from cleaning out the refrigerator. I got this cookbook from bed and breakfasts across the United States, in it was this recipe from one in Hawaii. It explained what about Saimin soup. It is the Hawaiian version of, well refrigerator soup. The broth is simple and you put what ever toppings in it. Slices of pork is more common to use for a meat in Hawaii, but I am not a pork fan, I love shrimp so I used shrimp. What I liked about this was, it can be made for anyone's taste level, the important aspect was the broth and also the noodles.

When I went to make the soup, I didn't have the noodles it called for, I also didn't have the ginger for the broth, so I decided let's improvise, instead soba noodles, I used Udon, and I decided to utilize the oriental flavor packet in place of the ginger. It was a good choice, the soup was good, especially for this crazy weather, one day we have fall weather the next summer.

4 cups chicken broth
1 package of Oriental flavored Udon noodles
2 tablespoons soy sauce
snow pea pods
chopped green onions
sliced mushrooms

First bring the chicken broth, soy sauce, and the flavor packet from the Udon noodles to to a boil.

Once the broth is boiling, add the vegetables, and let it boil for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, add the Udon noodles to the soup.

Add the shrimp and let the soup cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Ladle into bowls and Enjoy!


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  1. I like the idea of the refrigerator soup. I not to keen on the shrimp, but as you have pointed out, it is to taste.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I can see how it could be modified many different ways. In fact dinner is already a noodle based soup like this tonight.

    And yes sometimes basics are best. =D

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